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Directory Army 
links to Army Directory resources and information websites. 
Flag Connections 
Once you get your Challenge Coins, don't forget your Challenge Coin display!  A great site to find awesome custom made coin displays and more!
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Your one-stop-shop for all things awards-related.  Top quality, low prices on custom made trophies, medals, plaques, corporate gifts, and personalized gifts!
This site is proudly brought to you by Minnichs Metals.   Your one-stop-shop for all of your custom metal needs:Challenge Coins, Pins, Badges, Medals, Keychains, Medallions
Military Challenge Coin Blog
A great active blog regarding Military Challenge Coins.  Share your challenge coin photos, check out other rare coins, and read all you need to know about buying a challenge coin!
This FAQ will answer any/all questions you have on ordering challenge coins BEFORE you choose who to work with!
Discover what fees you can expect, what to look out for when working with a coin company, and ways to make your coin stand out from the rest.  Click the link to the left to read the VERY INFORMATIVE Frequently Asked Questions.
RedEye Motorcycle Accessories
A cool site to purchase unique motorcycle/military-related accessories for your motorcycle.
A great website/blog to learn about the coin industry, and make a little extra cash!
An amazing VET-FRIENDLY organization in Pittsburg, PA that we are affiliated with.  Check out their site!